One Show
Silver Pencil, 3DO Ad Campaign
Silver Pencil, Netscape Ad Campaign

The Design Bureau is a strategic design company based in California. We like to
help our clients figure out what to say, who to say it to, and how to say it. And winning an award or two isn’t bad either - some big, some small and who says a handsome
mug with a logo on it isn’t qualitity.
Merit Award, Clio Awards Annual
Merit Award, Cartoon Network
Communication Arts
3DO Ad Campaign
Project Open Hand Ad Campaign
Blue Shield Identity and Ad Campaign
Cartoon Network Ad Campaign
3DO Ad Campaign
Clio Awards Program
San Francisco Show
Gold, Clio Awards Annual
Silver, Holiday Invitation
New York Festivals
Oracle, Direct Mail
Addy Awards
Bronze, Special Event Material
Gold, Project Open Hand TV
Northwestern University
Institute of Advanced Advertising
Toast Masters
Print Magazine
Clark Construction Identity

Identity Systems