Napa Cellars Wine

Since its conception, the Napa Cellers
brand was loved by the public but only sold
in restaurants. In 1998, it was clear that the loyal
and passionate fans wanted to see it available
in the retail environment.

From the start, we cam to realize that the
greatest untapped strength of Napa Cellers was
this devotion from its customer base. So,the
owner, Rich Frank decide to do something
different. He proposed,"Let's design the
packaging to recognize the people who
were the most loyal to the brand."

We developed a handcrafted label that
matched the nature of this finely crafted wine
and its fans. Immediately upon release,sales
were outstanding,The brand took off and today
is offered in over 750 retailers across the nation.
Its success eventually led to the sale of the brand
to a larger winery. They talked of changing the label
but the popular outcry convinced the company to
keep the label as is and leave well enough alone.
We of cource, couldn't agree more.

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